Into the Equilibrium: Understanding the Changing World From an Eastern Perspective

Mami Kataoka

Sunday 23 September, 2012
3pm, $0

New America
199 Lafayette Street, Suite 3B

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Today the world seems to be changing as radically as ever. One of the fundamental ideas of Buddhism is “impermanence,” according to which everything in this world is seen as constantly changing and never the same. Because we think of things as permanent, the fact that they are constantly coming into existence and disappearing gives rise to suffering. On the other hand, while there are simultaneous productions of art and culture in different social, political and historical contexts and value systems in every part of the world, Asian traditional philosophy of yin and yang or Wu Xing—which shows the universal diagram that different forces absorb each other and give rise to a state of equilibrium—is something worth revisiting. In this talk, Kataoka will reveal her view on contemporary art practices from some of the traditional Eastern perspectives.

Mami Kataoka speaks at the Curator’s Perspective, an itinerant public discussion series that features international curators who distill current happenings in contemporary art, including the artists they are excited by, exhibitions that have made them think and their views on recent developments in the art world.
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