Rethinking the "Latino Vote" in 2012

Political Heterogeneity in a Two-Party System

Wednesday 12 September, 2012
6pm, $0

Barnard University, Sulzberger Parlor
3009 Broadway, Floor 3 Barnard Hall

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The current election cycle brings a political paradox to light: How can Latino voters be both “swing voters” and a cohesive ethnic electorate with a shared policy agenda? Cristina Beltrán analyzes the rise in anti-immigrant rhetoric and explains how xenophobic speech and policies create forms of pan-ethnic solidarity that obscure ongoing ideological differences and political diversity among Latinos. Cristina Beltrán is associate professor of social and cultural analysis at NYU and the author of the award-winning The Trouble with Unity: Latino Politics and the Creation of Identity.

Sponsored by the Barnard Forum on Migration.
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