Smellwalk NYC

Walking tour with Dr. Victoria Henshaw

Monday 24 September, 2012
6 - 7pm, $0/Rsvp

Meeting in downtown Manhattan (details with RSVP)

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For a city originally designed to maximize the flow of air, New York has an intense relationship with smell. From the foul and fetid odors detected by The Smelling Committee of 1891 and the summertime smell of hot trash, through to mysterious maple breezes and canned city air, the city has high and low notes and plenty of accords. You can even wear the smell of New York City if you want to! Does the big apple smell fragrant to you or is it rotten to the core?

Join us for a guided smellwalk and talk led by Dr. Victoria Henshaw, a researcher in architecture and urbanism at the University of Manchester, England. Her work on smell and the city examines the role of smell in urban experience, perception and design. As we smell our way through lower Manhattan, Henshaw will discuss characteristic urban smells, how smell relates to place perception, and what issues architects and urban designers need to consider when thinking about smell in their work.
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