Cole Stryker:

The Future of Web Privacy

Wednesday 27 February, 2013
7 - 9:30pm, $0

Brooklyn Law School, Feil Hall
205 State Street, Brookyln (Geraldo's Cafe)

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Cole Stryker will lead a panel exploring web privacy scenarios. Will it disappear? Can we maintain any privacy, will we want to? What are the implications of an all-knowing web?

Cole is the author of Epic Win for Anonymous, the first book to tell the story of the genesis of the Internet-based protest groups and creative memes currently changing our world. He also wrote Hacking the Future: Privacy, Identity and Anonymity on the Web.

“ How does anonymity enable free speech - and how is it a threat? "I think anonymity on the Internet has to go away," famously said by Randi Zuckerberg (sister of Mark), has become the policy for some, while the Stop Online Piracy Act mobilized millions to write Congress in protest.

Stryker presents a strong defense of anonymity and explores some of the tools and organizations relating to this issue, especially as it has evolved with the ubiquity of the Internet. Cogent and compelling, his examination of online identities, both false and real, is an essential read for the social-networking age.”

With additional panelists, this promises to be a spirited discussion about issues likely to impact us for the rest of our lives. Location is Geraldo's Cafe - Feil Hall, Brooklyn Law School - First Floor on 205 State Street.
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