The Transnational Aspects of Russian Organized Crime

Thursday 14 February, 2013
12pm, $0

Columbia University, International Affairs
420 West 118 Street, Room 1219

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Whether we call it Russian, Russia-based and Eurasian organized crime -- each term carries its own nuance -- this is a serious global issue. Networked, supremely entrepreneurial, and largely secure at home, these organized crime groups traffic a growing share of Afghan heroin, deal commodities from arms to people, and have established operations around the world, including within the USA. In the midst of a sometimes-bloody transition from the old order of the tattooed prison veterans to a new generation of cosmopolitan criminal-businessmen, they are also increasingly connected to other criminal groups. Through providing criminal goods and services, they thus facilitate the operations of organized crime around the world -- and also the Russian intelligence services, with whom they frequently have connections.

Please join the Harriman Institute for a talk by Mark Galeotti (Clinical Professor of Global Affairs at New York University's SCPS Center for Global Affairs).
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