The Word on the Street

Paul Muldoon and Timothy Donnelly

Tuesday 19 February, 2013
7pm, $0

McNally Jackson
52 Prince Street

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How do we know when and why a poem is going to be a poem and a song a song? In The Word on the Street, Pulitzer prize-winning poet, Paul Muldoon takes us back to the essential meaning of “lyric”—a short poem sung to the accompaniment of a musical instrument—with many of the works in the book doing double duty as rock lyrics for Muldoon’s Princeton-based band, Wayside Shrines. Come and hear Muldoon discuss his book of songs, poems and the impact of one genre on the other with poet and novelist, Nick Laird.

A former Oxford Professor of Poetry, Paul Muldoon was born in Northern Ireland and is now based in the USA, where he is a Professor at Princeton University and Poetry Editor of The New Yorker. His collections include Why Brownlee Left, The Annals of Chile (winner of the T.S. Eliot Prize 1994), Moy Sand and Gravel (winner of the Griffin Prize 2003), and Horse Latitudes.
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