Dorthe Nors and Fiona Maazel

Wednesday 12 February, 2014
7:30pm, $0

Greenlight Books
686 Fulton Street, Brooklyn

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One year ago, independent publisher Graywolf Press announced a new collaboration with independent literary magazine A Public Space, in which Graywolf Press will print two “A Public Space Books” a year by the magazine’s fiction and nonfiction contributors. The debut title in this groundbreaking new partnership is Karate Chop, a book of translated short stories by Danish authorDorthe Nors. As Brigid Hughes, APS founding editor and contributing editor to Graywolf, writes, “A book of short stories, in translation, by a woman: by some accounts these are not the most ideal criteria for the debut title in A Public Space’s collaboration with Graywolf. But Dorthe Nors’s Karate Chop is a book that compels us to defy conventional wisdom. This is the kind of work we started the magazine to champion: stories that have the boldness and depth of imagination to value the richness of ordinary life and not shy away from its underside, with characters full of human contradictions.” Dorthe talks about her book this evening with fellow Graywolf author Fiona Maazel, author of the highly praised novel Woke Up Lonely.

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