No Regrets: An evening with N+1

Thursday 20 February, 2014
7pm, $0

McNally Jackson
52 Prince Street

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Six years ago, n+1 asked a group of writers to discuss the books formative to their lives when they were in their early twenties. The exercise returns this month in the form of the pamphlet No Regrets, which recruits a selection of exclusively female participants to talk about the books they read (or didn’t) early on.

Join us for the pamphlet's launch (you'll regret it if you don't) with a stellar cast of contributors: Carla Blumenkranz,Elif BatumanKristin DombekEmily Gould, Elizabeth Gumport, Amanda KatzSara MarcusSarah ResnickNamara Smith, and Emily Witt. Moderated by editor, Dayna Tortorici.

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