The Second-Generation Immigrant in Europe and the U.S.

Wednesday 12 February, 2014
6pm, $0

Barnard University, Barnard Hall
3009 Broadway, Floor 3 (Sulzberger Parlor)

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Speaker: Maurice Crul, Free University, Amsterdam, and the Erasmus University, Rotterdam

Most studies on the education, occupation, identity, religion and social relationships of children of immigrants in the U.S. and Europe tempt to seek explanations for the outcomes in the education and labor market position of the parents and on cultural or ethnic origins.  This lecture offers a different perspective.  It presents a study of ethnic groups with similar socio-economic backgrounds and starting position and compares the outcomes across the Atlantic. This places the spotlights on opportunities and barriers in the receiving countries and allows us to understand which policies and institutional arrangements matter and how this affects the future of the second generations in European countries and the U.S.

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