This is the ENDD: The E-Cigarette in Context

Saturday 22 February, 2014
3pm, $10

New Museum
235 Bowery

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NJOYs. Blus. Smokefrees. V2s. All manner of customized vaporizers. This is the moment of the e-cigarette, or more precisely, the Electronic Nicotine Delivery Device (ENDD). Day by day, the broader public is learning (and contesting) what it means to “vape”: how one does it, where one can do it, and what it means to do so. As individuals, industries, and governments stumble toward definitions, Rhizome has commissioned a group of artists and critics to present analyses—historical, political, social, anticipatory—of this technology and the discursive field that is emerging around it.

Rhizome is dedicated to art and ideas that create richer and more critical technology cultures. With this program, we continue our examination of influential, technological objects from interdisciplinary points of view, in the context of artistic research practice.

Program includes:

– Artists Mathew Dryhurst and Brian Rogers on the history of the electronic cigarette
– Public health expert C.A.B. Fredericks on the technology’s fractious reception in his field
– Art critic Orit Gat on the vape shop experience, by way of the French e-clopinette
– Tracy Jeanne Rosenthal’s new performance on psychological drives after the cigarette
– A video intervention by collaborative Pirate utopia on the e-cig’s sculptural properties

Additionally, will host a number of contributions, including a front-page project by Dutch artists Pinar & Viola, and a #VapeCru Mix Tape including contributions by Aaron David Ross (Gatekeeper), Holly Herndon, and others.

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