What Causes Global Inequality?

Monday 24 February, 2014
6:15pm, $0

Columbia University, The Heyman Center
2960 Broadway, Floor 2 (Common Room)

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Global inequality remains a deep and abiding issue for our times, even despite the emergence of countries of the south such as China, India, Brazil, etc. Indeed many have argued that form of emergence leaves inequalities as deep as ever even in those countries, creating only a larger metropolitan middle class. What are the sources of current forms of inequality in a world of globalized finance? How shall we resolve current disagreements between 'equality of opportunity' vs 'equality of outcome' in our understanding of the global economy? These questions, among others, will be the subject of the seminar.

  • Branko Milanovic
    Visiting Presidential Scholar at The Graduate Center
    City University of New York
  • Prabhat Patnaik
    Professor Emeritus, Centre for Economic Studies and Planning
    Jawaharlal Nehru University
  • Akeel Bilgrami
    Sidney Morgenbesser Professor of Philosophy
    Columbia University
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