On Value: Silvia Federici, Melanie Gilligan, Lise Soskolne / W.A.G.E., Marina Vishmidt

Saturday 03 October, 2015
7pm, $5

Artists Space, Books and Talks
55 Walker Street

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WE (Not I) has been organized by the artist Melissa Gordon and the writer Marina Vishmidt, who have together previously, with Kaisa Lassinaro, produced the publications LABOUR (2011) and PERSONA (2013). The first iteration of WE (Not I) took place with a different group of participants in April 2015 in London, at South London Gallery, Flat Time House and Raven Row. Some of the content developed during both sessions of WE (Not I) will be published in a series of magazines in 2015/16 edited by Gordon and Vishmidt. 

Marina Vishmidt, Melanie Gilligan, Lise Soskolne and Silvia Federici will lead a discussion around the value relations of art production, and what kinds of (feminist) value-critical politics can create transversal connections between crises in the different spaces where we practice.

Taking on the question of value in an art context means immediately going beyond it but also through it, via the contradictions of race, gender, language, money and violence that structure the seen and said in the spaces we all try to carve an existence in. Departing from the challenges posed to value as it is reproduced in the spaces of art as in the political economy at large, we want to focus on how those challenges can and have been formulated through practices of collectivity, poetics, feminism, de-coloniality, technology and politics around race. The labor of reproduction and a non- or alter-reproductive futurity are close parameters here. Three main approaches to value will be pursued: conceptual, economic and the living-deathly of identity categories.

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